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Kensington are the inventors and worldwide leader in laptop security locks, an acknowledged leader of Trackball innovation and offer the broadest range of premium branded iPad, Tablet, iPhone and Smartphone productivity solutions and accessories.


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Founded in 2006, Jivo began with one simple aim to design and manufacture a range of products that would enhance the experience of the everyday technology user. We have a passion that drives us to consistently look forward to bring our customers the very latest in technology for their personal devices, whether it be used in the home, at work or on the move.

Dog Bone

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To fuse case protection with smart technology and apps like never before, creating a new breed of smart cases and accessories for your smartphones and tablets, re-scripting the way you use and benefit from your mobile devices within leisure, work and life.



Tuff-luv is a fast growing UK based busituffluv logoness that started operating from UK in January 2006, specializing in providing a wide range of unique MP3 accessory / camera and phone products.


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The Swedes. Known for their unmistakably passion for great design and genuine craftsmanship. Design that stands out, but never at the cost of function or smartness.


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AROKH is a young innovative brand in the gaming landscape. Made with passion, our products deliver the best performances for all gamers aiming to victory.

Our brand offers a wide variety of products such as mouses, keyboards and headsets but also bags and cases to protect and carry your gear anywhere you go.

We also make a point to provide innovative and stylish peripherals, allowing you to express your own personnality while having the best equipment to hone your skills.


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Fun and fashionable products that stand out of the crowd for creative and elegant designs which appeal as much as their technical performance.


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Macally, are an international designer and manufacturer of Mac/PC equipment and gear for your iPad, iPhone and iPod.


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Our mission is to provide more reasons for PC users to "Switch" to a better digital lifestyle through our innovative little add-ons. That is why we have chosen the name "SwitchEasy" as our trademark.

Legion Computer Services

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Legion Computer Accessories is sure to have a security option that’s right for you. However, each company is unique, so if you don’t manage to find the perfect product to suit your needs, Legion can custom-design a solution specific to your requirements



While InvisibleShield established itself as the #1 selling screen protection, ZAGG wanted to look at ways to not only protect mobile devices, but enhance them, as well. In 2010, ZAGG pioneered Bluetooth®-enabled tablet keyboards, allowing consumers the option of using their tablet as a PC.

Elyxr Audio

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Elyxr Audio comes from a passion to step out of the shadow of conformity and shine in the realm of honest quality product. Bringing together 16 years experience in design and quality sourcing, Elyxr brings a classic sound accentuated with stunning looks, a value to behold.


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When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, steps are just the beginning. Fitbit tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.

Unbeatable technology, the largest fitness community & a family of products fit for everyone.


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PME baking accessories


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With the most comprehensive range of specialist cake decorating accessories,equipment and quality sugar craft available in South Africa, JEM SA are on a mission to make cake decorating a pleasure, for both professionals and beginners alike. Designed to help you create the perfect cake for every occasion, JEM SA are the must have brand for industry professionals around the world. offering an incredible variety of innovative, quality products in all shapes and sizes, you're sure to find everything you need for your next project.

Handcrafted Sugar Decorations

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10" Cake / Palette Knife
R 196 5 items in stock Buy Now
10" Cake Knife
R 336 5 items in stock Buy Now
10" PME Cake Box
R 55 5 items in stock Buy Now
10" PME Round Cake Card
R 52 5 items in stock Buy Now
11" PME Cake Box
R 61 5 items in stock Buy Now
11" PME Round Cake Card
R 57 5 items in stock Buy Now
12" Cake Leveller
R 96 5 items in stock Buy Now
12" PME Cake Box
R 65 5 items in stock Buy Now
12" PME Icing Bag (30cm)
R 111 5 items in stock Buy Now
12" PME Round Cake Card
R 62 5 items in stock Buy Now
13" PME Cake Box
R 71 5 items in stock Buy Now
13" PME Round Cake Card
R 66 5 items in stock Buy Now
14" Cake Knife
R 422 5 items in stock Buy Now
14" PME Cake Box
R 77 5 items in stock Buy Now
14" PME Icing Bag (35cm)
R 140 5 items in stock Buy Now
14" PME Round Cake Card
R 73 5 items in stock Buy Now
15" PME Cake Box
R 82 5 items in stock Buy Now
15" PME Round Cake Card
R 83 5 items in stock Buy Now
16" PME Cake Box
R 89 5 items in stock Buy Now
16" PME Icing Bag (40cm)
R 146 5 items in stock Buy Now
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